I love oboists!

My mission is to help oboists to get past the STRUGGLE to find ease and joy in their playing. I do this by selling high quality reeds, tools, and supplies in my online store, by sharing my Five Minute Reedmaker videos on YouTube, and by offering paid courses and programs to share my knowledge and skills.  

On this Black Friday Weekend, I’d love to showcase a few of my offerings, and invite you into my oboe community with some SWEET discounts!

A Mini Course on Articulation

If you have ever struggled to make the oboe start and stop at your will, if you have felt slow and clumsy in your tonguing, if you have tried and failed to double tongue your way out of technical situations, this might be for you! Recorded live in January 2022, it’s FIVE modules of ideas, play-along exercises, and practice tips to really UNDERSTAND the invisible things your tongue has to do, and solve your own problems so you can move ahead into ARTISTRY.  Two hours of video content and worksheets, to use at your own pace.

$49, available for $22 this weekend only.

My Zero to Reedmaker Course

Designed for beginning and intermediate reedmakers, this course helps you to SYSTEMATIZE your reed work, understand WHAT to do WHEN, and how to experiment your way to success.  It’s seven modules of videos and handouts which will take you from shaped cane to finished, playing reeds. This is a self-paced course with a (quiet but monitored) Facebook group for support.   

You can read more about the course HERE, but make sure you click from HERE to get the special discounted price! 

$200, on sale for $129 this weekend only.

Join Reed Club!

Most excitingly, I want to invite you to join Reed Club at a throwback price.  Reed Club happens LIVE, in a zoom room with me and a community of oboists, every Monday evening at 7pm EST. The curriculum is made up of YOUR questions and support requests. 

This is for you if you have ever:

  • Skipped a week of reedmaking, then another, and then suddenly been PANICKY about reeds
  • Wondered how to move forward with THIS SPECIFIC REED, the one in your hand
  • Struggled to drag yourself to your lonely reed desk
  • Missed the camaraderie of a college reed room
  • Felt like all of your reeds are unacceptable in different, confusing ways
  • Thought you were all alone in the struggle

Reed Club is here to offer accountability, support, and friendship as you navigate the frustrating, impossible, and COMPLETELY RELATABLE AND SOLVABLE world of oboe reeds. 

$149 monthly, lock in $99/month this weekend only!

$1197 $897 annual pass!

One Final Offer

I have one final bonus offer – if you purchase ANYTHING from this sale or from my store (reeds, tools, my BOOK, etc) between Friday November 25 and Monday November 28, I’ll add you to the list for a special event: Oboe Open House (OOH), on Tuesday December 13 at 7pm EST. In this open zoom call, I’ll take questions, demonstrate skills, listen to your excerpts, or wax philosophical for you on any topic you request. High notes? English horn reeds? Vaughan Williams Concerto? Scoop and Curl? Tombeau de Couperin?  Come in and pick my brain!

This event is not available separately, it’s ONLY for those who make purchases during this shopping weekend. 

I hope to see you there!