The Slashes are the POINT

I was working on my bio for an upcoming podcast interview and realized just how many sentences and paragraphs it takes to describe what I do. My father could identify his career in just a few words, my mother as well.  For a long time, I understood that the way to be a grownup was to work for a single, identifiable employer. I’m the principal oboist of the South Bend Symphony. I teach oboe at Saint Mary’s College, etc. And I felt embarrassed that the organizations I was affiliated with were not BIGGER names, were not FULL TIME jobs, were not giving me the job security that my father had. 

But what I have now is worth more than “job” “security” from a single employer who could at any time change the terms of my employment. What I have is a portfolio career, made up of many income streams, most of which are in my control to start and stop. I have artistic fulfillment, intellectual fulfillment, credibility, a platform, and plenty of money to support myself and my family. And I LOVE everything I do. 

As a culture, we used to look down on the actor/waiter or screenwriter/bartender and think they were deluding themselves, refusing to grow up. What if they were in fact ahead of their time in separating the money part from the artistic part and using their skills and talents in different ways to make their lives work in a way that perfectly suited them? What if the “slashes” in your current job description are the POINT, because all of the parts of your career are YOURS to develop and enjoy?

Hi, my name is Jennet, and I am an oboist/reedmaker/entrepreneur/teacher/coach/author. 

Who are you?

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