Trust but Pay Attention

I trust people. When I walk in the city or jog on my riverfront path, i meet people’s eyes and say hello. When I need directions I ask for them. When I am asked a sincere question I respond sincerely. 

AND I maintain some awareness of my surroundings. I don’t get into cars with strangers. I don’t leave my drink unattended. When I have an icky feeling about a situation I listen to my gut and leave. 

Similarly, I trust the oboe. I don’t spend all of my time trying to manipulate and mouth the reed into doing exactly what I want, rather I make an embouchure, voice the note I want, and just GO. It’s allowed to feel easy to play the oboe, it’s allowed to be comfortable and you don’t have to squinch up your face and tense up your body. Mostly the oboe wants to play in tune.

AND, I have a spare reed soaked up in the case. I have cigarette paper at the ready. I don’t leave home without a screwdriver and a swab extractor, and I check my octave vents preemptively before solos. I trust the oboe, AND I stay prepared for anything.