Emily Martin & Elizabeth McDonald: EM2connect! | Episode 16

em2CONNECT is Emily Martin and Elizabeth McDonald. As ideators and performers, the two have sung and taught all over the world as solo opera singers and as members of the performing trio, Women on the Verge (WOV) — an international group of women dedicated to advocating for women- centered stories.

em2CONNECT is also a small creative facilitation practice made up of the high- energy and ideas-driven duo raising collaboration to “the power of two”.

em2CONNECT specializes in rebranding, repositioning, and promoting flexible thinking around artistic careers. Their work is centered on THE PROCESS – a collaborative support program where artists (re)define their artistic philosophy as a foundation for strategic career thinking.

I found Emily and Elizabeth’s framework for helping artists to lead with their values so inspiring!  This is also something that has helped me – the more I get in touch with my vision for the oboe community, for the musical community, for my own life, the clearer the action steps seem to become. See what sparks you get from this great conversation!

Follow em2CONNECT at their website or on instagram @_fromthevoiceof

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