James Hearne: Living the Dream | Episode 20

Happy Thanksgiving 2022 to my listeners in the US! I am grateful for you.

On today’s episode you’ll hear my interview with my brother, singer songwriter James Hearne, who recently sold his house and left his job and moved across the country to go all in on his music career as an adult. This interview is full of gems for the working musician. 

  • how do you START trying to get work in a new place?
  • how do you not get discouraged when your emails are ignored?
  • how do you balance what the venue needs, what the audience wants, and what YOU care about artistically?
  • can you really make it as a performing musician in this day and age? 

I want to admit here that James is not in a classical music niche, nor is he doing innovative entrepreneurial work that pushes the boundaries of what creatives can be in the world. BUT I share this conversation with you because I feel like there’s value in hearing about the hustle, and about the business side of creating the artistic life you want to lead.

You know from my book that I’m not interested in pushing  musicians to make their living exclusively through their art. But I AM strongly on the side of creative people choosing the way they want to live and finding ways to make that happen for themselves, and that’s why I find James’s story so inspiring and I hope you will too. 

Check out James and listen to his music at his website, his instagram, his twitter, his Patreon.

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