Elizabeth Gentner: Taking Ownership of Your Artistry | Episode 3

An internationally-acclaimed American soprano and lifetime multi-passionate entrepreneur, Elizabeth Frey Gentner thrives as a performer and arts financial consultant.

Offstage, Elizabeth has established herself as a powerful voice for Artist empowerment in the arts and a Business savvy coach for creatives. In her first years out of music school, a love of numbers led her to work for several well-known financial firms, where she gained valuable insights into what factors led to an organization’s success or failure. In 2006, she set off on her own—leaving finance to found several companies in bookkeeping, financial consulting, and more. Then as now, Elizabeth pursued these opportunities alongside her most exciting musical endeavors. She uses this diverse expertise to serve as a coach for classical musicians, empowering them to achieve both financial independence, career fulfillment and an authentic voice all their own. Elizabeth’s lively podcast, “Opera Uprising”, empowers opera singers to take the power of opera back.  

Elizabeth’s coaching and consultation draw from the lessons—and battle scars—gained as she pieced together a self-funded early artistic career. To this day, Elizabeth continues to self-produce ambitious and socially focused creative projects.

I know you will love this conversation! 

It is not inappropriate to make money as a musician, singer or creator; in fact having financial security, whatever that looks like for you, is ESSENTIAL to being able to inhabit your creative space. This is the message that I’ve shared in my book, the Happiest Musician, and it’s one that I believe in so strongly. 

I’m opening up a workshop series for musicians who want to begin leaning into this concept based on the principles of the book. These will start in April and I’d love to have you join me!

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