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Christine Smith is co-founder and co-owner of Frosted Lens Entertainment, an entertainment and informational content development company.  Prior to her work at Frosted Lens, she held the position of Music & Sound Director/Composer-in-Residence for RPR Studios for 10 years. Her work has been heard in award-winning films, commercials, and promotional videos. She is currently the host and editor of the podcast “Musicians vs the World” where she explores the many aspects of Musician life. 

A classically trained pianist, Christine studied with concert pianists Adelina Krivoshena and Asya Markova in her youth.  She continued her studies in Piano Performance at Brigham Young University studying with Dr. Jeffrey Shumway and Dr. Scott Holden.  

Since then Christine has enjoyed performing in solo recitals and in collaboration with various musicians, bands, and ensembles across the country. Though her first love is classical music, she has had the pleasure of working and learning from great musicians of all genres. She has performed as soloist, collaborator, and conductor. And because she loves teaching almost as much as she loves performing, she coaches a few favorite piano students in her home-town studio.

What I loved about this interview was Christine’s openness to sharing all of the vulnerable details of her story, her pivot from full-time performing due to a chronic illness, AND the effortless-seeming way she used her strengths and her skills to step into a whole new way of working.

What I also really noticed was the idea that you can only do what you can do! Even if you aren’t battling a chronic illness, you only get so many spoons per day, and maybe the key to a fulfilling life in music is to look for the intersection of what you are great at, what people will pay you for, AND what you can sustainably do in a day, a week, a month. It’s worth being conscious of your energy, not just because you can break yourself with overwork – I’m looking at you, 29 year old Jennet – but also because you can do your BEST work when you are taking the BEST care of yourself.  Quality over quantity, because YOUR ARTISTRY MATTERS. 

I know you will love this interview with Christine Smith of Musicians vs the World and Frosted Lens Entertainment!

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