Katherine Emeneth: KE Creative | Episode 4

This week on the podcast, you’ll hear Katherine Emeneth: Flutist and music educator, entrepreneur, founder of KE Creative and Georgia Flute Academy. She’s an inspiration to young flutists and portfolio career musicians alike!  Katherine Emeneth is a music educator, entrepreneur, flutist, and human-helper from Sugar Hill, Georgia. After spending YEARS applying to professor positions around the country, she finally decided to take things into her own hands. She runs a private flute studio for middle and high school students that encompasses all aspects of music education. Her curriculum and activities are modeled after the university applied studio. Her students participate in multiple recitals per year, perform in masterclasses, chamber ensembles, youth orchestras, and even have their own flute summer camp called FLING! Since she’s become a bit of a studio building expert, Katherine created an online course for private studio development 4 years ago called The Music Teacher’s Playbook. Through this course, she has helped hundreds of musicians develop the private studio of their dreams AND make a full time income as a musician. Since then, she created her own digital education company, KE Creative, that supports classical musicians in advancing their teaching, business, and entrepreneurial skills. She has created 6 courses over the past 4 years and offers tons of freebies to her social media followers. She lives in Sugar Hill, Georgia with her husband, niece, and Old English Sheepdog, Barney.

What I love about talking to Katherine is the POSSIBILITY she offers to so many. She has a huge online and in-person EMPIRE, and devotes herself to helping others find their own thing and empower their own portfolio careers. To hear her tell it, ANYONE can use their strengths to help others and can create an income stream from that. 

My takeaways from Katherine’s conversation: 

  • Having a portfolio career gives you stability and abundance
  • You are more than your instrument. You have value!
  • The thing that is easy for you is hard for someone else.
  • Create structure – make time to create the plan and then run the plan
  • Get help. Find someone qualified, and get help. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel! 
  • Just start. Action begets action

What did YOU hear? 

Find out more about Katherine at her website, Facebook group, or Instagram

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