Julian Loida: Music and Synesthesia | Episode 40

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Julian Loida is a Boston-based composer percussionist, composer, educator, and producer. His range of sound and genre exploration is largely a product of his synesthesia – music is a literal full-body experience for him, with sounds often invoking involuntary sensations of color, texture, or even taste. For Julian, music is a visual art. In all of his work, his goal is to break down artistic barriers and use music as a tool for healing. He regularly collaborates with dancers to compose scores for their performances, and partners with visual artists, songwriters/composers, and other musicians of all stripes.

His new LP, “Giverny”, will be released on May 19 via Gratitude Sound.  The video for the title track, which we talked about on the podcast, is HERE

Follow Julian’s work at his websiteFacebookInstagramYouTubeBandcamp, or Spotify.

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