Peg Luke: Heeding the Call | Episode 44

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Peg Luke has been Emmy and Grammy nominated, and is an 11 time Carnegie Hall solo artist. She’s the creator of “Psalm Space”.  She currently has over 200 thousand Spotify streams, and has professional distribution, radio promotion,has professional producers around the country and is professionally media managed and sync licensed. Peg  Is a Christian Meditative Classical Pioneer who battles a rare autoimmune disease and has not been able to perform or present in person since the start of the pandemic because of this.  She does everything from in house.

When her publicist first reached out to me, I looked at her website and listened to some of her work, and thought, oh, this is not for me. And it isn’t!  A meditative christian music video is 100% not my jam! But my next thought was, WOW, this is obviously for someone. And whenever I see a classically trained musician doing something that clearly lights THEM up, and having found THEIR audience, and oh let’s see, having over 200K Spotify streams and professional distribution and a really PUT TOGETHER website and media kit, I get interested.

The amazing thing about a creative career is that you don’t have to appeal to everyone, you just have to find your people and create what they need and want. And clearly Peg is doing that, and with such joy in her work and her social media, and all of this makes her an amazing fit for this podcast.  Listen for the moment where I just about fall over in discovering that this is her THIRD ACt – something she started surprisingly late in life, too. She’s an inspiration and I know you will love this conversation. 

You can follow Peg at her website or her Linktree.

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