Kirin McElwain: Courageous Self-Resourcing | Episode 6

This week on the podcast, you’ll hear Kirin McElwain, cellist, performer, and coordination enthusiast.  You’ll hear the story of a musician who has the courage to try new things, over and over, and the courage to STOP the things that aren’t working for her. 

Kirin McElwain is a performer-composer on cello and voice and—more recently— laptop and modular synthesizer. Equally at home in concert halls, recording studios, and in DIY venues, Kirin has contributed sounds to numerous film and television scores, contemporary dance performances, mixed media installations, and traditional classical and contemporary classical performances. 

In her own sound practice, she explores the tension between form and chaos, western classical harmony and noise, and ideas of “goodness” and “correctness” in musical style.

Currently she is an Alexander Technique practitioner who works with musicians both one on one and through her digital membership, Feel Better Sound Better. 

What I admire so much about Kirin is the RELENTLESSNESS with which she approaches her creative and business life. She’s not afraid to look at what is and isn’t working, she’s not afraid to ask herself what she needs and what she wants, and she’s not afraid to make it happen.  We could all take inspiration from this! 

My takeaways from Kirin’s conversation: 

  • When you find something that works for you, lean into it
  • Be flexible in how people want to work with you. If you can make it easy, they’ll come!
  • Always be aware of what you want to do and what you don’t want to do
  • The scarcity mentality of just being grateful for what you have is NOT moving you forward
  • Maintain your standards for yourself
  • Imagine the best possible outcome – and figure out how to handle all of that success in advance
  • Trust yourself to know what you need and figure out how to get it

What did YOU hear? 

Find out more about Kirin at her website!

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