Lisa Canning and Carolyn Nussbaum: Helping Wind Players to Thrive | Episode 9

Lisa Canning owns Lisa’s Clarinet Shop- a 41-year-old professional clarinet shop. Her company also teaches woodwind repair to educators, private lesson teachers and to those seeking an additional source of income. She also has a business called Sales Maven which helps small businesses align their digital assets to cohesively sell and market themselves and their businesses.  

Carolyn Nussbaum owns The Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company.  Founded in Dallas, Texas in 1996 as a one-woman repair shop, today, her internationally-established retail, repair, and distribution center supplies flutists with nearly everything they’ll need in their musical life – whether it be instruments, music, direction, or knowledge. 

These two women are passionate about collaboration, about working together for the good of the MUSICAL COMMUNITY, and about training band directors and local teachers in the basics of instrument repair so that woodwind players at LOCAL levels can be supported and thriving. 

Find Lisa at her website

Find Carolyn at her website

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