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  • Blank Oboe Reed

    Oboe Reed Blank


    This is simply gouged, shaped cane wound on a tube. It meets my regular specifications – i.e. I could turn this into a reed and sell it. Guaranteed not to leak!

  • Rigotti Tube Cane


    Straight, smooth cane by the 1/4 pound.  10.5-11 (oboe) or 11.5-12 (English horn) diameter.

  • Warm Up Your Warmup


    Inspiring Spring warmup sessions! Every day at 11 am EST,  live on Zoom. We will go through some Long Tone Meditations, scale work, sightreading, and duets, all with modifications built in for the level that you are at.  All are welcome.  (APOLOGIES to my West Coast friends!  I know it’s early. If you can’t join us live I can have replays in your inbox by 12:00 EST)

    Next session:
    March 6-10, 2023

  • Jennet Ingle CD


    My debut CD features oboe transcriptions of the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto, the Gershwin Three Preludes, and the Bach E Major Partita.  I’ll fulfill orders for hard copies right here, and if you prefer to purchase it digitally, you can find it at iTunes and Amazon.

  • Reedmaker Spotlight Reeds


    From time to time I will spotlight the work of other reedmakers. These reeds are available in limited quantities and at erratic times, and this is just an experiment. I do love the idea of offering YOU, the user, the choice of other reeds, and offering THEM, the reedmakers, extra visibility.

    Currently Spotlighted: Sprinkle Reeds

    Sprinkle is a young and vibrant string instrument and woodwind performer/teacher from Arlington, Texas. Their goal in lessons is to provide the most robust and creative ways possible to help every student find their own unique musician from the inside out.  As an oboe teacher, Sprinkle provides the opportunity for students to learn reed making and adjustment. They believe reed making is the cornerstone to oboe playing.

    Sprinkle is principal oboe in the New Texas Symphony Orchestra.  They currently teach a 54 student oboe and violin/viola studio in the DFW metroplex. They also perform with the South Arkansas Symphony and the Rapides Symphony of Alexandria, Louisiana.

    Notable oboe teachers include Jane Owen of the FWSO, Rogene Russell of the Dallas Opera Orchestra and Leah Forsyth from Northwestern State University.

    Sprinkle’s oboe reeds are easy in response, light sounding, and well liked in the Southern United States.

    Sprinkle was a participant in my recent Build Your Reed Business Workshops, and their reed business can be found at SprinkleReeds.com.

  • Medir Tube Cane


    Straight, smooth Spanish cane by the 1/4 pound.  10.5-11 diameter.