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  • Oboe Staple


    Consistent, useable 47 mm tubes for oboe reeds

    NEW: My Jennet Ingle Reeds Custom staple!

  • Plaque


    Some like ’em thin, some like ’em thick.  I have them both ways.

  • English Horn or Oboe d’Amore Tube


    Consistent, useable brass tubes for English horn reeds and silver tubes for oboe d’amore.

  • Double Hollow Ground Knife


    Classic double hollow ground reed knife with a pretty wooden handle.

  • Oboe Reed Boot Camp


    UPDATE: As of April 10, we are FULL for 2023!  Please check back in 2024 for our next event!

    Oboe Reed Boot Camp is an intensive weekend experience that takes place in South Bend, IN, on the lovely campus of St Mary’s College.  The EXTROBOE Experience is an enhancement to Boot Camp – adding masterclasses, chamber music, and oboe crafts to fill your weekend out with oboe education and fun.   Reedmakers and oboists at all levels are WELCOME! 

    2023 Dates:
    August 11-13, 2023 – EXTROBOE 9:30-12:30, ORBC 2-6

    PLEASE NOTE. This is a LIVE, IN PERSON experience. We will be taking COVID protocols and social distancing into account, but we will be indoors and this experience is group based and we will be playing oboes together.

    Note: Advancing and Beginning categories address your REEDMAKING skills only. You could be an Advanced player but a Beginning reedmaker, in other words.   Beginners will start with learning to wind, basic knife skills, and reed construction steps. They will move more slowly.  Advancing Reedmakers will begin by making reeds, and will evolve and improve their existing skills over the weekend as they work with me, my Guest Master Reedmaker, and each other.

  • Oboe Reed Thread (Squirrely Stash)


    Gorgeous color combinations, created by Squirrely Stash.  Sold in 100 yard spools.