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  • Classy Fabric Reed Cases


    A real standout in red, brown, or blue!

  • Reed Club


    Social Reedmaking!

    Reed Club is our answer to Social Distancing.  We meet four times per month, online, in a live Zoom video room, so you can work socially – and safely – on your reeds with a group.  You can show me your reed, crow it, turn your camera so I can watch your scraping technique.  I can lecture, or demonstrate, or we can hold Reed Hot Seats – whatever you need – and we can do it all with company but from the comfort of our own homes.   It’s the next best thing to actual human contact!

    Join us for the next four Mondays, or for the long term!

  • Large Oboe Reed Case


    A real standout in red silk!

  • Reed Repair Shop


    Sometimes you just need some advice from a non-judgmental expert.  Send me one or three reeds, and I’ll improve them and tell you how.

  • Group of Oboe Reeds

    Reed Subscriptions

    Setting up a regular monthly order will help you avoid reed emergencies. You will receive the same number of reeds each month throughout the year, at a discount, with FREE SHIPPING.

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