Thinking about a Reed Business?


Are you a reedmaker? An oboist, bassoonist, or single reed player?

Are you longing for more money in your pocket every month? Are you feeling frustrated and limited by the gig scene?

Do you feel overwhelmed at the idea of selling reeds?  Are your reeds even good enough?  What will people think?  After all, you came into this field to make MUSIC, not run a business…

I can help you. 

In this 60-minute introductory webinar I’ll offer some structures and some helpful hints to EMPOWER you to get started!

You’ve missed the live webinar, Friend, but you can still purchase the replay right here.

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In my early twenties, I was a good player, but I did not have an orchestra job. I was making things work with a day job selling tickets and a few gigs here and there and a couple of medium-ish students. And by “work” I mean that I could get my half of the rent paid each month for my teeny weeny apartment and I could eat, but I had no health insurance and no retirement savings and my car was held together with duct tape. In other words, every dollar counted, and selling ten reeds a week for a hundred dollars or so was a HUGE benefit to me. 

NOW, the reed business I started as a sideline brings in $8000-$10000 per month in top line revenue. It gives me a stable platform from which to continue pursuing my artistic goals. (Not for nothing, I always have a reed to play on!)  And my entire entrepreneurial journey started with selling reeds. 

What would it mean to YOU to have an extra $200 a month? Or an extra thousand? Or an extra eight? 

If you are a bassoonist, oboist, or clarinetist, and you can ALREADY MAKE REEDS (this is not a reedmaking course), whether you already have a tiny business that needs a booster shot or whether you have no idea how to even start?

I can help you!

Why are you hesitating? Join me for the replay of this live webinar!  I want to empower you to start a business that pays you real money and takes care of you.

Topics covered include:

  • Why you could benefit from a reed business
  • Three easy business structures
  • Four ways to start
  • Why this feels so scary and hard!