Books to Read

Below are some of my recommendations of books to read.

First, a disclaimer. I am not telling you to buy anything, or insisting on any one method book, oboe model, or piece of reed-making equipment. I do get questions all the time, though, about these things, and on this page I will lay out many of the things I have found to work. Based on your individual needs you might gravitate to one specific thing or another – or use something completely different. If you have questions, feel free to reach out!

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Sound in Motion

Who doesn’t love to LEARN, and keep learning?  This book, on the art and craft of expression in music, puts into words an approach to artistry that is achievable for everyone.   McGill explains why you have to be intentional in music, not merely intuitive, and spells out how.  I found this a FASCINATING read.

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The Inner Game of Tennis

Do you ever find yourself stuck in your own head and unable to achieve the greatness you seek? The Inner Game of Tennis is full of fantastic mindset tweaks, easily applicable to music.

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Inner Game of Music

Barry Green’s Inner Game of Music takes the same concepts as The Inner Game of Tennis and spells them out for musicians. Both books are great – I tend to prefer the original Tennis version because drawing mental connections is a treat for me, but I read the Music version first as a student and loved it instantly.

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I have found Oboemotions extremely valuable – both in my playing and in my teaching. It’s helpful to understand what is happening inside the body as we play, and useful to have words to help students to find ease and physical freedom as they play. I reread this one every couple of years. 

I am crazy about the intersection of music and entrepreneurship – both of these books are terrific resources for musicians who need to START SOMETHING UP.  Some people can come out of school and slide right into the high-paying career they had dreamed of, but many of us need to work at it.  Beyond Talent and The Savvy Musician are terrific books that can help.

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The Little Book of Talent

The Little Book of Talent is CHOCK FULL of inspiring tips for people who want to improve!

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The Creative Habit

Twyla Tharp’s The Creative Habit is just mind-blowingly smart and inspiring and great.  I can pick it up, read three pages, and just leap into a new idea. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

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The Simple Flute

Here’s the book from which the DeBost Scale Game is drawn – The Simple Flute.  It’s also a brilliant, quirky, delightful read about the artistry of playing the flute. Easily adaptable except for some REAL SPECIFIC fingering and breathing details.

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