Barb Black

About two years ago, I decided to learn to play the oboe so that I could provide a much-needed instrument for our community band. I am a life-long flute player with a degree in music performance. However, after months of private oboe lessons, I found myself “stuck” and frustrated . Practice sessions were not enjoyable or satisfying, as I had no idea how to make the oboe “sing”,  and I held some major misconceptions about what was involved in creating a “correct” embouchure.  My oboe sound was awful, and I simply could not figure out what to do next. My reeds never worked well, but I had no idea how to make them better. Then, to my delight, I discovered Jennet’s Five Minute Reedmaker videos online, and loved how she explained things. It all just “felt” so right.
So when I had an opportunity to study reedmaking with her through the on-line Zero To Reedmaker course, I immediately signed up! I registered for the VIP version–two incredible private sessions with Jennet and a month of Reed Club included. And I am so glad I did! I also joined her 6-session Warm-up series and watched the Demystifying the Upper Register class. I am not being hyperbolic when I say that the past two months with Jennet have taken my playing and reedmaking confidence to a whole new level. I even learned how to adjust my own instrument–greatly increasing my ability to hit those really low notes with ease! Jennet gives you the “whys”–not just a bunch of rules. She works so hard to understand the challenges faced by each student (including many of us “older” adults), and her metaphors make understanding the innumerable subtleties of the oboe so much more accessible.
I can’t wait until our band finally gets together again later this year. So looking forward to performing and showing off greatly improved oboe skills. Thanks to Jennet!!!
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