Julie Combs, on The Invincible Oboist

Don’t you dare miss this wonderful opportunity to build your oboe and reed skills, interact with like-minded students, get wonderful, helpful positive feedback, and get to surf on the energy of a wonderful group of learners! This course helped me get my groove back and helped me decide that maybe it’s not time for me to hang it all up, that I need to play the oboe for myself and to continue learning new ways of doing old things and to reconsider how I may have gotten in my own way in my learning. It was so refreshing to experience improvements in my playing and reedmaking and to get encouraging feedback. You must not miss doing this! I had so much fun, was challenged, had tons to think about, and found real joy in playing. And, I gained so much confidence. The class is an investment in myself and worth the cost and effort. Do it!