If I Were a Real English horn Player

If I had an English horn job, I would get a lot more reading done. 

I like playing the thing fine, and I even don’t mind schlepping it around since I got my BAM Ultralight case a few years ago.  I don’t love making the reeds, but once made they last a really long time and I could get used to that.

What I will never grow to like is the sitting around.  There’s always a pretty solo for the English horn somewhere, but waiting for my piece and then waiting for my entrance gets old pretty fast.  But on the upside, I’ve finished two New Yorkers today, and the stack of unread reads in my room is shrinking nicely this week. 

If I did this regularly, there’s no telling how caught up I might be with my life. 

AND, we have another concert tomorrow. 

This week for me is the Illinois Philharmonic, in a concert of Bernstein and Prokofiev, which I love, and Glazunov, which I read during.  Fun program.  Beautiful music.  Details HERE