Oboe Reed Boot Camp: Your Official Invitation

Calling all oboe students, teachers, and parents!

Is anyone else frustrated with reed-making?  It seems as though there is never enough time during oboe lessons to really get a handle on this difficult skill, and during the busy season it’s hard to make time to practice it, too.  In some ways, the fact that I make so many reeds every week is a negative, because my students can come to rely on my big case which is always full. I find that I enable students to not make reeds.

Having good reed skills is a tremendous advantage to a student, though.  At college, or out in the world, or even over the summer when lessons are out, it is liberating to know that you can take care of your own needs without having to rely on your teacher’s physical presence.  When you arrive at your concert and the weather suddenly changes or a flute player crushes your best reed, it is invaluable to have the skills to pull something else out of your case and adjust it to your comfort level.

This summer I will once again run my Oboe Reed Boot Camp.  I want to assemble a group – beginners as well as competent or nearly competent reedmakers – and really take the time to start off right.  We will do a full fifteen hours of reed drills, games, and competitions, and have everyone turning out playable reeds by the end.

Sometimes you may hesitate to scrape because you dread ruining an expensive piece of cane –  I will supply all of the cane, thread, and staples, to maximize your courage.

I am offering two sessions this summer – Monday through Friday July 22-26 from 10am-1pm,  and ALSO Saturday and Sunday the 27th and 28th, from 10-6.  Both sessions will take place in South Bend.   Further information and open registration are available at jennetingle.com.    I am also offering an early registration discount from now until June 1.

I encourage you to let your colleagues, students, teachers, and friends know of this opportunity, and to contact me with any questions.

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  1. Hahaha, I guess every oboe player has to learn the skill of using the knife in case a nearby player whacks them with their flute…err crushes their fav. reed. LOL. Sounds fascinating. I almost wish flutes needed reeds so that I can come to your class.

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