One More

My final Spring Recital is next Friday, May 21, at 7 pm at Lake View Lutheran Church in Chicago (835 W. Addison). This year is the first time I’ve kept a program going for this long – I brought the material out in January and this will be my fifth performance. I’ve added an encore that I really enjoy, but otherwise it’s basically the same. What I love about this is that I really feel comfortable with the music. I know it very well, and I know what my talking points are, and I know what the energy arc of the performance feels like.

My challenge now is to continue to like the music long enough to get it performed once again, and to continue to pour energy into the promotion of this recital for one more week. It’s easy to get complacent now that I am at the end of the run, but just as in a race, when the finish line is in sight, it is NOT time to coast and relax. One more time!

Sooo – if you are in the area, please come. The program is varied and fun, and audiences have been really enjoying it, and I promise it won’t be stuffy or boring. HERE‘s my previous post about this program, with descriptions and a video.

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