Slow Down!

People keep telling me to cherish my time with the baby – she’ll only be small for a short time. And I know they’re right – for the past six and a half months the time has been flying, but in an orderly, gradual, progressive kind of way.

But I’ve been working for three days. I mean, just about non-stop, from rehearsal to lesson to concert to board meeting to bed, and Zoe’s been at home with Steve. And suddenly my baby is hardly even a baby any more. She has two teeth and some hair. She can crawl – fluently, fast, and purposefully. She can say Emm, Emm, when she sees me, and can make signs for Milk and More. She can sit straight up like a teddy bear, and can get herself into that position easily. I had seen these skills before, but she’s better at them now. And NOW she can suddenly pull herself up to stand. And use our furniture as a basis for gymnastics instead of just a barrier to crawl around. And take things out of bookshelves, boxes, and bags and play with them. I’m a little bit in shock.

Slow down, Peanut – I was just beginning to get used to the idea of a mobile, smart baby, but I’m not ready for a walking baby. That’s too much baby for me. That’s really not a baby at all. That’s a child. Aren’t there other skills you could work on first? Like sleeping through the night? Or the O-M-M-Y part of my name?

4 thoughts on “Slow Down!”

  1. LOVED this post, Jennet – especially the last sentence. Just to give you a heads up – you need to plug cover that outlet behind the crib, get rid of whatever is plugged into it and lower the mattress now…I can send you my triplets to show you why – they'd be happy to demonstrate. When Josh was one something he unscrewed a whole bolt from under the kitchen table. Stellar…HUG,Jen

  2. Done, done, and done – the same night the photo was taken, actually. We are slow and kind of dumb but not actually negligent…Thanks for your comment, and thanks for reading, Jen!

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