This Is It!

Today is the last day before I get to play Extase with the orchestra.  We have two rehearsals tomorrow and one on Sunday before our Sunday afternoon performance.  And I love this part!  At this point, my work is done.  I can’t improve my playing any more now – I’ve been living with the piece for 11 months and I know it as well as I ever will.  If I spend more time on it now I will only get tense and tire myself out, and since I still have Prokofiev 5 to play tonight I have no interest in that.

I have taken my instrument apart and cleaned and oiled it.  I have a case full of reeds.  I did a trial run with the dress today – checked the fit, hemmed it, decided on shoes and undergarments.  The babysitters are hired. It’s 4:00 and all I need to do is rest until my concert tonight, and then enjoy the heck out of tomorrow and Sunday. 

And I cannot wait.

Click HERE for concert details and tickets.

2 thoughts on “This Is It!

  1. dimitri kord says:

    Congratulations! I heard you this afternoon and it was truly a tour de force! (I was holding my breath too at the crucial part and almost burst!)When and wher is the Prokopiev?

  2. Jennet says:

    Thank you, Dimitri! That was really really fun and I am so glad you came. Prokofiev was Friday night in Merrillville, with the Northwest Indiana Symphony. It's hard to keep up with my schedule, I know – I check my calendar constantly and still worry I'll miss something…

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