Upcoming Concert

This particular version of insane in my life – over 3000 miles on my car in the last TEN DAYS, 19 services (rehearsals, recording sessions, and performances) including 2 self-produced recitals, and as many students (not that many) as I could squeeze in around the edges – is finally ending.  If I’ve posted nothing other than shameless self-promotion I am sorry.  It is about to be over.  I will become smart and interesting again, instead of merely competent and punctual, which is absolutely all I’ve been able to manage since the 20th. I love what I do but this has been a rough set.

Tomorrow afternoon I am playing a St Matthew Passion at the University of Chicago.  It’s one of the greatest pieces EVER written, and I am playing the least stressful oboe part in it for a change, so for me it is three hours of enjoying everyone else’s awesomeness and loving being on that gorgeous old campus.   Great orchestra, astounding music.  Details are HERE.

And on Monday my normal life resumes, with nothing but my normal teaching, practicing, reedmaking, running, and ZOE TIME!

I can’t wait.

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