Upcoming Concert – GLEE!

Tomorrow night’s concert in Northwest Indiana, “South Shore Glee” is just what it sounds like – a bunch of high school choirs (and our own Symphony Chorus) singing familiar songs.  And you know I am a sucker for a show tune, but even I am kind of dragging myself through these rehearsals.  The medleys are brutally dull for the orchestra – we’re just a backup band – and there’s not even one moment I can find to cherish in my own part.  Nothing to look forward to showing off.  It’s all just kind of medium playing, not hard enough or exposed enough to get excited about.

BUT.  This concert is not about the oboe, and it shouldn’t be, and sometimes my job is just my job.  I don’t have to be on the edge of my seat, excited and nervous and loving every piece on every program.  I understand why we are doing this concert – the audience will like it, the parents of the kids will come, they will see the symphony, we are making connections in the community, etc.  I know that our conductor will do an amazing job with the pacing and energy of the show, and that we will laugh and cry at all the appropriate times and go home happy.  I am sure that it will bring in some good ticket sales and we need that.

AND.  In rehearsal last night, I loved watching the kids perform.  These are high school students – so much older than Zoe as to be practically a different species – but somehow now that I am a mother I am especially touched by earnest, genuine effort in kids.  They did a wonderful job – they knew their difficult arrangements cold and worked hard, and even in our atrocious little basement rehearsal room they sang their hearts out.  They are the next generation, and they are inspiring. 

There’s nothing to enjoy in my oboe part, but this concert will in fact be great.  Details HERE.

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