Upcoming Concert: Mozart!

I’m not playing the South Bend Symphony concert this weekend, and I’m sorry to be missing it.  First, this concert features the Chamber Orchestra, which is not quite as liberating as playing actual chamber music, but which is  a lighter, more responsive instrument than the full ensemble.  We can rehearse faster and make more delicate nuances with this smaller group, and we get to play in Notre Dame’s spectacular DeBartolo Performing Arts Center. 

Second, our principal hornist, Kurt Civilette, is playing a concerto with the group, and that man can really really play.  I’m already biased toward wind players, because there’s something so human and intimate about creating sound with your breath, and because we just don’t see them out at the front of the stage often enough.  I’m of course biased toward my friends, and since Kurt joined the orchestra and the wind quintet last season we’ve been running together, working and playing together, and have even hung out socially on occasion.  But all that aside, I predict an amazing performance from him.  The French horn is one of the most difficult instruments to play accurately, and I have NEVER heard Kurt miss.  Crazy good stuff.

Finally, the concert repertoire is all Mozart.  Sometimes, when we’re in the midst of a big romantic masterworks concert, amongst ourselves we speak disparagingly of Mozart because the music sounds simple compared to, say, a Strauss tone poem.  But Mozart’s music is what we’ve been brought up playing.  The simplicity is deceptive – it takes a lot of skill to play something so joyful and effervescent and perfect.  The music is crisp and clean and flawless and it takes a great group of musicians to present it without getting in its way.  And our chamber orchestra can be that great group.

I can’t be there this weekend, for gig economics have caused me to accept other work in its place.  But you should be.  Sunday afternoon.  Details HERE.

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to remind us again about the Sunday concert. Your information always creates enthusiasm and desire to go to the concert. I will be reminded of the concert of a couple of years ago when you played the Eric Ewazen Concerto. Unfortunately I could only find a seat above and behind the orchestra, so I was missing the full sound of the oboe.( I was longing for a rotating stage:}).The first hornist was a student at ND, and by coincidence I was sitting next to her parents, both musicians, who recounted the story of finding this shiny instrument at a garage sale that her daughter liked… They bought it and it turned out to be the horn she was playing.Friends and I are sure we will enjoy the concert.Thanks againDimitri

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