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  1. OK!! Thanks a million for reminding us about the Grant Park,(that’s how I remember it for years) concert. You know, I had just arrived at the U of Chicago and I attended the FIRST performance of the Lyric after the war: Don Giovanni, with Eleanor Steber as Donna Anna, and Nicola Rossi-Lemeni as Don Giovanni. Last night’s performance was exceptionally pleasing, and it sounded better, without extraneous noises, on the WFMT broadcast. Truly I would ‘ve liked to be there in person.. I ‘ve enjoyed countless performances there over the years.I thank you also for your post letting us know of the chamber music performance in Valparaiso. I don’t know if we could ‘ve made it on such short notice. I found Poulenc’s sextet on YuTube. What a delightful romp it is!! It brings one back, in imagination, to Monmarte’s cobbled streets in the 20’s looking at couples dancing in the streets, going in and out of bistros….(Really, I wasn’t there at the time). I got so excited I decided to tape it. Then I remembered I didn’t have to.(Yutube, you know.)Congratulations on being there! Allow us a little envy…Dimitri

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