Upcoming Concert – the Cello!

Where did I go wrong that I don’t play the cello?  Such a beautiful instrument.  So resonant, so sweet, so soulful.  In the talented hands of our principal cellist, Lara Turner, it flows like liquid and sings like a human.  I might even love it more than the oboe, a little.   

I tried a friend’s instrument once, though, and was disappointed to find that the cello is not as snuggly as it looks.  Cellists look so comfortable with the instrument in their laps and the scroll nestled in their hair – but in reality it is a big nobbly piece of wood that doesn’t fit me as well as I had imagined.  It’s hard to hold the bow properly.  The tuning pegs poked me in the ear.  My fantasy second career went up in smoke before my eyes.

At least this week, though, I can live vicariously.  Tchaikovsky’s Rococo Variations is a pleasure to play, mostly because it’s not particularly hard work for me.  With our small chamber orchestra in the lovely acoustics of the  DeBartolo Performing Arts Center, I can pay deep attention to Lara’s beautiful and thoughtful playing. I can make music with her and with my other gifted colleagues in an intimate way that was quite impossible during last week’s Symphonie Fantastique extravaganza, fun though that was.   Here in this small space I can use my quiet voice, and make and react to delicate nuances, and be supportive AND heard,  and daydream about the cello. 

Our concert is Sunday afternoon.  Details are HERE.  This will be a sweet one. 

2 thoughts on “Upcoming Concert – the Cello!”

  1. I attended the Clay High school concert Friday night and waited to congratulate Ms Denise Kuehner for her efforts but she never appeared. I reminisced a little about the time I played in a similar concert as a teenager…I felt for the kids though, when they were left to fend for themselves in the first piece- no conductor! But they redeemed themselves later.I was delighted to hear Lara Turner play the Rococo Variations. And for some reason I logged on Utube to hear a performance by Yo Yo Ma. I must say, without fear of contradiction!! That I liked her performance better, much better. And I know that she was very pleased with herself very justly. Again I was sorry I didn’t see her outside- maybe I left to soon. Somebody please give her my warmest praises and congrats, since she doesn’t have a blog herself.I have some notes on your previous blog on the beautiful sound of music. May I post them on any of your future blogs? Kudos to all.Dimitri

  2. Thank you, Dimitri!I am so glad to have you reading, attending, and commenting so frequently- it's always great to know someone is out there paying attention. I'm eager to hear your comments whether you post on the original blog or on a future one…Jennet

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