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This week the Northwest Indiana Symphony has a great concert.  Prokofiev 5 is one of the truly great symphonies – tragic, heroic, funny, hopeful – a huge range of human emotion can be heard in this gorgeous, tricky, troubling piece.  I have loved preparing it and rehearsing it, and we’ll perform tomorrow night.  Their glossy promo is below.  I am not sure why it is so oddly narrow. 

Also this week, we did education concerts in Northwest Indiana, and are in the middle of a set of education concerts here in South Bend, so effectively I have spent every minute either working or in transit.  It’s a pleasure, on the one hand – I love to play.  On the other hand, though, this is utterly exhausting.  Two services every day is not an unreasonable amount of work – many professional orchestras maintain that kind of schedule for months.  Most, however, don’t maintain venues 75 miles apart.

This is a week in which everything is busy at once.  I have a big reed shipment due out today.  There was a contract ratification meeting to attend in NISO, and today there are meetings of the  SBSO Board and the Performance Opportunities Committee, both of which I serve on.  I have taught 11 lessons (the other people are mercifully on Fall Break), and have I mentioned the Great Big Concerto I am performing on Sunday? 

I love my life, because I get to do so many different things, and I am passionate about all of them.  Most of the time I can keep a reasonable amount of balance between home and work.  But when this many of my “hats” are all on at once it is hard.  Just hard. 

October 29 is my next day off, and I am already dreaming of the blissful sleeping and laundry that I will do…

The Symphony presents Peter & the Wolf, October 21. Visit nisorchestra.org for more information
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