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Jennet Ingle loves the oboe. She has built an active career around performing, teaching, making reeds for and writing about it, and believes deeply that everyone else loves it, too. Perhaps they just don’t know it yet.

Ever since her first appearance with the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra in high school, she has been addicted to concerto performances. She’ll play a concerto now at the drop of a hat – seriously, just drop a hat and she’ll play. In March 2007, she was honored to perform the world premiere of Doug Lofstrom’s Oboe Concertino, a work commissioned for her by the New Philharmonic Orchestra and the College of DuPage. Another recent favorite was the 2004 Oboe Concerto by Christopher Rouse, which she presented with the South Bend Symphony in 2016.

Like many 21st Century musicians, Jennet’s career is cobbled together from numerous sources. She has been Principal Oboist of the South Bend Symphony Orchestra since 2006, and serves as Instructor of Oboe at Valparaiso University. With the South Bend Symphony Wind Quintet she does frequent concerts and educational presentations throughout the community. She also performs as Principal Oboe with the Northwest Indiana Symphony Orchestra, and has a fleet of private students, all of whom actually practice. This might be luck, but she chooses to believe that it’s the magic of the oboe working on them.

Jennet’s passion for performance and outreach led her in 2013 to create Musicians for Michiana, a chamber music series dedicated to connecting musicians and audiences with local non-profit organizations to the benefit of all.

All professional oboists make their own reeds, but Jennet has taken this task to new levels. As the owner and operator of Jennet Ingle Reeds, she makes and sells over  two hundred handmade reeds every month to oboists all over the country. For the past six summers she has run an Oboe Reed Boot Camp to teach the craft to others, and recently she began a series of monthly Reeding Circles, in which reedmakers of various abilities can come together to learn new tricks and techniques from each other as they work socially.  Additionally, as the Five Minute Reedmaker, Jennet has created a substantial series of instructional videos on the reed-making craft. 

In her spare time, Jennet pours her energy into Prone Oboe, a blog about her active life and a behind-the-scenes look at the process of learning, teaching, and performing music at a high level.

Jennet is a graduate of the Eastman School of Music, where she studied with Richard Killmer.


Jennet Ingle


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