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I’m an oboist, and I need help with (reeds, technique, vibrato, an audition, a recital…)

The oboe is hard. Sometimes the OBOE seems to get in the way of being a MUSICIAN. But I believe that your own artistry, your own magic, is worth reaching for. My specialty is in getting you PAST that oboe struggle, dealing with the mechanical, technical, mental, emotional, and reed issues that are keeping you from your flow, from your oboe ZONE.

You can book a one-time session here. You bring your question or problem, I’ll bring all the expertise and experience I have, and we’ll dig into it! Schedule your session: $200

I am not accepting weekly students, but do I have limited availability for project-based one to one work. Are you working on a recital? An audition? A skill?  Email or book a short call with me here and we’ll devise a plan to get you to where you want to go.

I’m have an entrepreneurial or creative project in my mind and I don’t know how to proceed!

Book a 90 minute POSSIBILITY SESSION with me! You bring the ideas swirling in your brain, and I’ll bring my full attention and my perspective. You’ll leave with a clear vision, some next steps, and a confident smile! Schedule your session: $300

Need more support? I offer three and six month coaching packages. We use a combination of Zoom and Voxer to get your strategy and mindset in order and your plans in motion! Packages start at $1000.

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