How to Thrive in Your Creative Career

By Jennet Ingle

Are you ready to lean into your own creativity?

For too many musicians and creative people, life in our capitalist society feels like a struggle. They are undervalued, underappreciated, and underpaid. But this does not have to be the case!

Oboist, coach, and entrepreneur Jennet Ingle has been there, has done that – and has built a career on her terms that includes a global audience, a flourishing business, a thriving teaching and coaching practice, and both orchestral and solo performance, all while finding ways to protect her time and energy and have a LIFE.

Do you want to set your own schedule within your creative, balanced career while only doing work that lights you up?

This path is available to you! And Jennet Ingle, The Happiest Musician, can show you the way.

About Jennet

Jennet Ingle has been Principal Oboist of the South Bend Symphony Orchestra since 2006, and also holds that position with the Northwest Indiana Symphony.  Jennet is a soloist at heart, joyfully taking over any stage that will have her. 

As the owner and operator of Jennet Ingle Reeds, she makes and sells over two hundred handmade reeds every month to oboists all over the world and has helped hundreds of people with their own reed-making through her video series, The Five Minute Reedmaker, her weekly online Reed Club and annual live Oboe Reed Boot Camps.  

An experienced teacher and astute coach, Jennet has devoted herself to helping creative people to get past the struggle.  Her group program, the Invincible Oboist, is a transformative journey through technique and mindset to offer adult oboists a path to ease and joy in their playing. She offers one to one career and mindset coaching as The Happiest Musician. 

This book will show you how I found my entrepreneurial side and how you can too.

Allow your creativity to shine in all aspects of your musical career!

Available Now!

The Happiest Musician is now available in both paperback and kindle versions on Amazon.

It would make a fantastic gift for the musician in your life, or for you, your very self.

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