How to Thrive in Your Creative Career

By Jennet Ingle

Are you ready to lean into your own creativity?

For too many musicians and creative people, life in our capitalist society feels like a struggle. They are undervalued, underappreciated, and underpaid. But this does not have to be the case!

Oboist, coach, and entrepreneur Jennet Ingle has been there, has done that – and has built a career on her terms that includes a global audience, a flourishing business, a thriving teaching and coaching practice, and both orchestral and solo performance, all while finding ways to protect her time and energy and have a LIFE.

Do you want to set your own schedule within your creative, balanced career while only doing work that lights you up?

This path is available to you! And Jennet Ingle, The Happiest Musician, can show you the way.

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For many musicians questioning their career choices, I can’t recommend this enough! Never have I read a book that felt like it was truly written just for me, while simultaneously thinking most of my (musician) friends should also read it. I don’t know Jennet Ingle personally, but: THANK YOU!!!

So many musicians are chasing an undefined concept of success and yet fulfillment and happiness can still be elusive. This book shows a path to actually enjoying your life as a musician – with highly practical exercises and suggestions. There are so many useful stories and anecdotes about how a financially viable portfolio career can be created. This is a career roadmap that any musician can implement and benefit from, not just the ones lucky enough to win a coveted big orchestra job or faculty position. Highly recommend!

This is a wonderful book for anyone thinking about their career path even if you aren’t a professional musician. The author’s anecdotes are widely applicable. My favorite was the story about the crabs in the pot. Jennet’s writing style is direct, clear and authentic. This book is an easy, insightful and enjoyable read.


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