Hi, I’m Jennet -Host of The Crushing Classical Podcast!

Crushing Classical is a series of interviews with classical musicians who are forging unique paths with their talent, creating their own artistic fulfillment and financial comfort, and finding ways to thrive. I celebrate these brave people who are taking routes outside of traditional orchestral or academic employment! As always, I invite you to listen for your own sparks and breadcrumbs, and use these interviews to find the possibilities that exist in your own life.

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Wonderfully entertaining!

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Jennet for quite a few years. I have since moved from the town we shared, so I don’t get to chat with her as often anymore. BUT I can tell you, listening to her in this podcast is exactly how she would be if you were sitting in her living room, drinking coffee. She is inquisitive, articulate, and knows how to bring out the best in her guests. Lovely person and time well spent listening to her every week.

— Earle


Young musicians, check this out!

This podcast is a MUST for any modern day classical musician!! Seriously, if you’re looking for inspiration, listen to this pod.

— Katie M.


Great show!

I love Crushing Classical. Interesting guests — empathic thoughtful host; Jennet has wonderful insights — I especially like her mini-sodes. I love the premise of the show: Ask people trained to find opportunities for beauty in every phrase how they make a living — you’ll get some inspiring answers!

— Dan

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