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Jennet Ingle Reeds – Product Catalog

Below is my full product catalog of items for purchase. For a better experience, please go back to my store.

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  • Music Arrangements

    Mendelssohn Sheet Music


    Mendelssohn Violin Concerto, as arranged for the Oboe!  It is my pleasure to offer this arrangement for purchase.  It exists as a PDF download – ready to be printed, doublesided if you wish, with performable page-turns – or as a hard copy, neatly stapled to last through years of practice and performance.

  • Pre-Gouged-Only English Horn Cane


    This is the same hand-selected cane that I use for my own reeds, pre-gouged on my Parkes pre-gouger.

    Buy pieces of cane individually or buy 12 and get one piece FREE – that’s 13 pieces for the price of 12!

  • Zero to Reedmaker


    Zero To Reedmaker is an online course which helps oboists to easily make playable American Scrape reeds.  I’ll DEMYSTIFY the process and help you through each step with a combination of rewatchable video content, a supportive Facebook group, and weekly live group calls in which we can talk about YOUR specific problems.  At the end of this session, you will be able to make a playing reed from shaped cane in under 30 minutes – perhaps well under – and adjust it to your comfort. 

    This six-week course begins on January 24, 2021. 


    Basic course $529 – includes 3 dozen pieces of consistent, high-quality shaped cane and 15 staples, a $165 value.

    VIP level $799 – includes two 1X1 sessions with me during the course – topic of your choice –  and one full month of Reed Club membership at the conclusion of ZtR, to support your reedmaking journey. 

    Optional: Add-on a full Reed Maker’s kit – knife, plaque, block, mandrel, ruler, sharpening stone, and thread, with additional cane and tubes – for just 109 – a $142 value! 

  • Classy Fabric Reed Cases


    A real standout in red, brown, or blue!

  • Mandrel


    This is a perfectly nice mandrel with a wooden handle.

  • Cutting Block


    A convenient, sturdy, standard sized grenadilla cutting block.