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I can talk all day about the oboe, reeds, entrepreneurship, working with students, and being the Happiest Musician!

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Wizarding School for Composers Podcast

Inside the Oboist’s World: Composing, Collaborating, and Beyond

Musicians VS the World Podcast

Cultivating Your Portfolio Career: with Jennet Ingle

Cultivating Your Portfolio Career | Jennet Ingle

The Musicking Community

Episode 10: The Portfolio Career – You Do You

Flute 360 Podcast

Episode 215: Build Your Own Stage with Jennet Ingle!

Canvas Rebel

Meet Jennet Ingle

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Working Musician Podcast

Jennet Ingle

Promote Yourself to CEO

How the Happiest Musician Built a Predictably Profitable Business with Jennet Ingle

WSBT 22 Live Interview

How to Thrive in Your Creative Career

Mind Over Finger Podcast

The Happiest Musician

The Joyful Toolkit Podcast

The Joy in Your Creative Flow with Jennet Ingle

South Bend Tribune

South Bend Symphony oboist offers career, creative advice with ‘The Happiest Musician’ book

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The Honesty Pill Podcast
Ep. 27 – Jennet Ingle: “The Unfussy Oboist”

Creative Measures
Jennet Ingle, Oboist, Entrepreneur, Teacher, Coach, Author…

Crushing Classical: Redefining a Thriving Classical Music career

Detours in Music with Laura Ruple, 2020

Jeanine Krause’s Oboe Reed Master Series: Full Interview

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