Reed Club


Social Reedmaking!

Reed Club is our answer to Social Distancing.  We meet four times per month, online, in a live Zoom video room, so you can work socially – and safely – on your reeds with a group.  You can show me your reed, crow it, turn your camera so I can watch your scraping technique.  I can lecture, or demonstrate, or we can hold Reed Hot Seats – whatever you need – and we can do it all with company but from the comfort of our own homes.   It’s the next best thing to actual human contact!

This is a RECURRING monthly membership – so it’s easy to stay with us for the long term!  You may cancel at any time, of course, by simply emailing me or using the button on this page.

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Reed Club is a recurring monthly membership.  We meet weekly, in a zoom room, to work together on YOUR reeds and YOUR issues.  I’ll take any questions that arise, I might lecture or demonstrate.  We can listen to YOUR reed crow, we can look at YOUR scrape.  Some people come for the advice, some need reedmaking accountability, some come for the company!

[T]hank you again for such a great weekly reed workshop!  [Y]ou’ve re-focused my reed making and helped me to get consistent results, and your unfussy approach always encourages me to take my reeds less seriously and just go for Joe reeds and from there the great reeds will reveal themselves. Your temperament and patience and sense of humor is excellent for working with adult learners, and the niche you fill in the oboe world is much needed and welcomed!
— Chris Sigman, semi-pro oboist, music educator, Washington State

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