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First, a disclaimer. I am not telling you to buy anything, or insisting on any one method book, oboe model, or piece of reed-making equipment. I do get questions all the time, though, about these things, and on this page I will lay out many of the things I have found to work. Based on your individual needs you might gravitate to one specific thing or another – or use something completely different. If you have questions, feel free to reach out!

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Weaponize Your Oboe Warmup

Books mentioned in my series Weaponize Your Oboe Warmup series.


Books to read that will help inspire you.

Method Books, Warmup Books and Etudes

Etudes, method and warmup books to bring your playing to the next level


Mics, tripods and other apps that I use in my videos and performances.

Other Products

Sharpening stones, gougers, tools that I don’t sell, but highly recommend.

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