Oboe Reed Boot Camp


Oboe Reed Boot Camp is an intensive weekend experience that takes place in South Bend, IN, on the lovely campus of St Mary’s College.  We’ll make tons of reeds, and break up the days with  masterclasses, chamber music, and oboe crafts to fill your weekend with oboe education and fun.   

This camp is oriented to adults. Reedmakers and oboists at all levels are WELCOME! 

2024 Dates:
August 9-11 2024, Friday 1-5 and Saturday/Sunday 10-6

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Oboe Reed Boot Camp is an oboe immersion weekend for adults. We’ll work on your reedmaking efficiency and speed – because no one has unlimited time – and we’ll work on the adjustments that make your reeds YOUR reeds.

We’re also going to have fun with the OBOE – because reedmaking isn’t the joyful part of anyone’s practice. We’ll have chamber music, improv games, masterclasses, and oboe crafts – all designed to uplevel your skills and change your relationship with this frustrating instrument that we love!

If you would like to take more control over your oboe life, develop your skills, be able to quickly assess whether a reed will work or not, tweak it to your satisfaction, and MOVE ON to the more fulfilling things in your life…

You may be ready for OBOE REED BOOT CAMP!

Spend a weekend this summer with expert reed-makers and educators Jennet Ingle and Erica Anderson in this super-interactive day camp. You will learn and review reedmaking fundamentals, participate in winding and scraping drills, make new FRIENDS, and enjoy the oboe as never before! 

ALL MATERIALS ARE INCLUDED – so you can ruin as many pieces of cane as you have to to LEARN.

ORBC Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find your answer here?  Email me at jennetinglereeds@gmail.com

I’m coming from out of town – where should I stay?

The Inn at St Marys and the Hilton Garden Inn South Bend are both RIGHT ON CAMPUS and walking distance to our Boot Camp building.

Other than that, I don’t have specific suggestions to offer. South Bend is small and easy, and you will be within 20 minutes of campus at any hotel or airbnb in the city limits.

South Bend has a beautiful riverfront path, and a Saturday morning Farmer’s Market to die for, and neighboring Mishawaka has all of the shopping that there is to have. We are just a few miles south of Niles MI, and once you get up into Southern Michigan you could even look at St. Joseph, a beach town on Lake Michigan only 45 minutes from here. Breweries, wineries, orchards…

What do I need to bring?

I will supply all of the cane, staples, thread, and incidental supplies that may be needed. I’ll also have sharpening stones, pencils, handouts, and even some spare knives and mandrels to experiment with. You will want to bring your own knife, plaque, mandrel, cutting block, and mm ruler.  The links on my Resources page don’t lead to required items, but they are the tools that I recommend and use myself. 
I will have tools available for purchase onsite as well.
For your future reed-making, you will need thread and a sharpening stone, but NOT for this camp!

My schedule has changed! Can I drop out?

If you should find it necessary to withdraw from this excellent learning experience, I will be sad. But I will return your payment in full if you withdraw before July 11, or if we need to cancel the experience altogether.  After that time, I can refund only half your ORBC tuition.

Can’t I just learn to make reeds by coming to your weekly Reed Club? Or in my regular lessons?

Yes, of course. But here’s my thought.

Reed-making is a skill unrelated to playing the oboe, but you’ve got to have good reeds to play. Good reeds cost money, or they take time. Most of the learning curve is about gaining experience, and knowing what to do once your reed is close to being great. There’s no real shortcut. You just have to make a whole bunch of reeds.

Boot Camp will make you make a whole bunch of reeds.

Working on your own can be …undermotivating. Working on reeds as part of your lessons can take time away from the artistry of playing.

In other words, Oboe Reed Boot Camp is a faster way to the goal of having more control over your own reeds.

I want to make English horn reeds, not oboe reeds. Do you teach that?

Absolutely! Just warn me ahead so I can be prepared with lots of EH cane. Or specific oboe shapes. Or d’amore cane. I can do anything.  But not Baroque oboe reeds.  There I draw the line.

What would I PLAY for an EXTROBOE lesson class?

Literally anything you want. Something you are comfortable with – a solo you’ve been working on, an etude that you already know and love, or something that you are struggling with.  No matter what the material is, Erica and I will identify something to talk about, to suggest, to improve, and to take away with you.  We are both experienced educators who work with ALL levels, and love ALL oboists. 

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