Uncomplicate Your Articulation


Two Hours to Faster, Easier Oboe Articulation!

I promise that oboe articulation is MORE than just being able to tongue fast, although tonguing fast is part of it.

It’s about being able to EFFORTLESSLY and ARTISTICALLY start and stop notes the way that you intend to at the time that you intend. At all dynamics.

And in this, a 2.5-hour mini-course, I’ll walk you through all of the techniques and mindset shifts you need.  I’ll help you improve your tonguing speed and efficiency and make better artistic choices.

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You can play the oboe. You’re beautiful!

But sometimes your tongue just gets so TANGLED UP and it’s hard to know how to solve it. Is it an air problem? Fingers? How does this seem so easy for other people? Flutes never seem to struggle to just START the notes cleanly. Everyone else can tongue fast.

Your tongue is a muscle, and like any muscle can be trained to be stronger, faster, and more efficient. Effortless oboe articulation shouldn’t be more difficult than utilizing the consonants in your speech.

I have been helping oboists with these and other problems for decades. In this mini-course, we’ll explore starting and ending notes at all tempos. How to get more EFFICIENT with your tongue so your speed can go up. How to be more PLAYFUL with your articulation. How to double tongue, both for greater speed and for greater ease.

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