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Sometimes you just need some advice from a non-judgmental expert.  Send me one or three reeds, and I’ll improve them and tell you how.

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Diagnose your Troubles!

Who among us, Oboists, has not hit a brick wall at some point in our reed making? Who has not found themselves staring at a case full of reeds that all seem to have the same problem that nothing fixes? Or, to flip it, has made six reeds that all look and feel DIFFERENT, and wondered what one consistent mistake has caused all of the craziness?

I’ve been there. Sometimes an outside eye is all you need. Often there’s one piece of advice that solves all of your problems. Or an observation that you could not have made because you are too close to the problem, and too frustrated. Sometimes you just need some nonjudgmental feedback from someone else. I can be that someone.

Reed Repair Shop should be the next best thing to a one-on-one session. Send me one or three representative reeds that you have made and don’t love. I will look at them, give you my impressions, work to improve them, and capture this process on video for you to see. I will send them back to you, hopefully improved, with advice to take you forward.

If you want just a quick response, send me a single reed.  I’ll do what I can, I’ll talk about it, I’ll offer my best advice.

Why three? I figure that any one reed can be irredeemably bad. Bad cane, bad gouge, bad shape, a bad mistake. It might not be your fault at all, and my diagnosis might not solve your bigger problem. But three reeds that you’ve made are going to show your scraping habits, the areas you consistently mishandle, or SOMETHING consistent that we can talk about, and three reeds should be enough to draw a larger lesson from.

How does it work? You order online, and I will send you instructions and if necessary, shipping materials. When I receive your reed(s), I’ll make time within a week to diagnose them, fix what I can, and put together a video. I’ll mail the reeds back and post the video to YouTube.

I will post that video publicly, so that others can learn from your session, too – but I don’t need to use your real name if you don’t wish. Reeds feel so personal! I can preserve your privacy and keep your secrets…

You can watch my Repair Shop videos HERE.

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