Demystify the High Register

By popular demand: I’m bringing back Demystify Your High Register this January!

I will be offering a three day workshop for oboists in January – Demystify the High Register will be January 9-11 at 11am EST. We’ll do it LIVE on Zoom, with replays available and a pop-up Facebook group to share our questions (and answers!) and successes.

You’ll get my fingering charts, and together we’ll discover the BEST third octave fingering choices for you and your oboe (one size does NOT fit all!). We’ll work through the VOICING concepts that make these notes really SING.  We’ll spend a whole session on integrating those fingerings into your actual musical life, and talk about PRACTICES that can make them easier.

I LOVE the register above the staff, and I can help you to love it too.

I don’t have any plans to offer this training live again. This will be your chance to be in the room, exploring the concepts in real time and asking your questions directly to me.

Register HERE

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