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Are you tired of the STRUGGLE? You’ve already put in your 10,000 hours, you have SO MUCH skill and talent and mastery of your craft – but even before COVID it was hard, right? Every week was another grind and you loved your work and your students but they all seemed to sort of run together in a constant blur of rehearsing and performing and teaching? Wouldn’t it be amazing if it was EASIER?

I see you, my musician friend!

I want you to move past this overworked, underpaid place that musicians seem to inhabit. I want you to have something of your OWN that takes care of YOU.

I want it to be easy.

I help musicians to get past the STRUGGLE and find ease and abundance in their work and life.

I have found my own way to a COMPLETELY GRATIFYING career, simply by leaning into what I love to do and taking ACTION. I have built a my reed business into a six-figure enterprise. I have created teaching programs and courses that REPLACED my performance income when the pandemic shut us down. I’m spending my days at home doing the creative work that lights me up, and supporting my family with it!

Don’t you think it’s time to TAKE CHARGE and create your own abundance?

In our call, we can talk about where you are right now and what is keeping you from moving forward. We’ll discuss your goals – no idea is too ridiculous to consider if it is lighting YOU up!

Once your vision is clear, you may know exactly what you need to do. WONDERFUL! But if you are looking for more support, we can then devise a PLAN to get you there.

Over a few months, I can help you to

  • design your offer and identify the format, curriculum, delivery method, and and pricing that work FOR YOU
  • identify your audience and strategize ways to reach them
  • create your marketing and visibility plans
  • keep from going on technology goose chases
  • plan your launch, with all of the sales pages, email copy, and strategy that go into that, and I can support you through it. This is the scariest part!

Whether your goal is to monetize your passion as a side hustle, revamp your teaching studio to reclaim your TIME, or grow your visibility and leadership in a way that aligns with YOUR values, I can help you!

As a trained musician, you already have the skills, the knowledge, the will-power, the work ethic – you have everything you need to take AGENCY in your own life! I’d love to talk with you about your Big Idea – your dream creative or entrepreneurial project – and help you to make it a reality.

I take only a few clients at a time, so I can support you in all of the ways you need. As your coach I will

  • help you to find clarity in your vision
  • identify clear and manageable steps to GET THERE
  • help you to identify and overcome your stumbling blocks
  • encourage you to take ACTION and support you along the way!

Let me invite you to book a FREE 30 minute session with me and we can start talking about the changes you would like to make.

Stay safe out there! I love you.

—Jennet Ingle, creator of Jennet Ingle Reeds, the Invincible Oboist group program, the Zero to Reedmaker online class, Oboe Reed Boot Camp, the CD Music That SHOULD Have Been Written For the Oboe, the Prone Oboe blog – and Happiest Musician Career Coaching.

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