The Invincible Oboist

Let me guess. You love the oboe, you love the sound it makes and its role in the orchestra, and you love your own playing when things are going well! But so often, it feels like a STRUGGLE. The reeds, the air, even the instrument itself seems to be out to get you.

I know you work hard, but it’s hard on your own. Might THIS be the time to dig in and solve your oboe issues, to work on your skills and get past the struggle? If not now, when?

Imagine what it would feel like…

  • If the oboe was easy  
  • If you could make music instead of FIGHTING the instrument and the reeds 
  • If you could really get to the ROOT of your technical issues – and solve them!
  • If you could feel relaxed and confident in performance  

I’m going to run another 3-month session of The Invincible Oboist, starting in January 2022.  Would you like to join me?

The Invincible Oboist is a unique group coaching program that helps oboists to find the ease and joy in their playing once more.  Through this program you’ll go from feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with the basic STRUGGLE of the oboe to feeling confident and having the mental, physical, and mechanical tools to succeed and get into your Oboe Zone.


What I’ve created is not available anywhere else. As you know, I offer not only reed making  mastery but a deep experience and understanding in working with oboe technique and musical training for players at all levels, and in The Invincible Oboist these work together so you can have the complete picture that all oboists need.

In the Invincible Oboist, I’ll work with you to uplevel the concrete skills of oboe playing – reeds, air, vibrato, articulation – and ALSO the more creative mindset skills of practicing, problem solving, and performing so that you too can feel invincible.

Book a call with me – I’d love to talk with you about your oboe challenges and about whether The Invincible Oboist is right for you! 

Participants in this program saw some amazing results.  

I now feel Invincible and with clear cut direction in my reed making, playing and teaching! I have renewed energy with increased knowledge and skills, and am no longer at a fork in the road! A wonderful feeling!!!!! — Kathy

An easier approach to the instrument, and more confidence in my own capability to play it.  The Invincible Oboist will change how you feel about being an oboist. — Susan

Performance anxiety was a big issue for me. Jennet challenged all of us in asking us to post videos on the Facebook page and live videos in front of the group. She provided a safe and welcoming atmosphere for everyone. By doing this, my confidence level increased in performing. — Annette

Three things stand out as a result of taking this course. I learned to manage my air so that I do not feel like I am suffocating after a few measures. I learned about body mapping which helped me with some physical challenges while playing and also help me to manage my air. I also gained the confidence to play in front of others, no matter how simple my songs. The Reed Club aspect has helped me make progress because I work on reeds weekly. — Donna

Don’t you dare miss this wonderful opportunity to build your oboe and reed skills, interact with like-minded students, get wonderful, helpful positive feedback, and get to surf on the energy of a wonderful group of learners! This course helped me get my groove back and helped me decide that maybe it’s not time for me to hang it all up, that I need to play the oboe for myself and to continue learning new ways of doing old things and to reconsider how I may have gotten in my own way in my learning. It was so refreshing to experience improvements in my playing and reedmaking and to get encouraging feedback. You must not miss doing this! I had so much fun, was challenged, had tons to think about, and found real joy in playing. And, I gained so much confidence. The class is an investment in myself and worth the cost and effort. Do it! — Julie

The Invincible Oboist is an amazing course that covers many topics from knife sharpening, to reed making, playing, and performing. Within each topic there was much, much more. How to be at home holding your oboe, articulation, interpreting your music, playing comfortably and confidently. The course demystified and simplified so much that surrounds playing the oboe. Jennet is so inspirational and a joy to work with!  The course truly delivered the tools and keys needed to be an Invincible Oboist. — Lynn Marie Olson

When I first asked Jennet about signing up for The Invincible Oboist, I felt that I was not good enough to participate. She made me feel welcome, the other members were incredibly supportive and I was able to conquer my anxiety. I love how encouraging she is and am considering taking the course again. I would recommend this course to any oboist at any level.
 – Dr. Bernice DeMarco, oboe-loving entomologist

The Invincible Oboist is a selective online group coaching program. In it, you’ll experience:

  • Weekly live classes in real time on Zoom
  • Weekly Reed Club meetings, via live video
  • Private, warm Facebook group.  Safely post your questions, your reed photos, your videos trying things out
  • A loving, supportive community of adult oboists who all want to improve their skills!
  • Access to my quarter century of experience as a professional orchestral oboist, soloist, reedmaker, and teacher
  • TWO 1:1 coaching calls with me

The course begins with a few sessions on SEPARATING OUT the most important aspects of oboe playing – Air, Articulation, Vibrato, Fingers.  We work on identifying our issues with these and systematizing ways to work on them daily, calmly, and non-emotionally.

The next several weeks deal with DEMYSTIFYING the oboe – we look at adjustments to make sure the instrument is in great working order, and cover some specific strategies for the high register and low register. 

Throughout our time, we can talk about reeds – independently from oboe playing – during Monday evening Reed Club meetings. We can look at your scraping technique, assess your reed’s crow, zoom in on the precise areas you are working on – and diagnose your reed challenges so you can JUST PLAY.

And once all of those “hard skills” have been addressed, we’ll move into practicing and performance skills – the real creativity of music making! 

We’ll have some guest teachers along the way – previous cohorts have worked with such artists as UNLV Professor Stephen Caplan, BSO Principal Oboist Katherine Needleman, EFT tapping coach Jenny Clift, and Alexander Technique specialist Andrew McCann.

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to play for each other, in a safe, supportive environment. Some oboists have concerns about performance anxiety – we’ll work on strategies to boost confidence and reduce anxiety! 

Before The Invincible Oboist, I was unsure how to describe my reed problems and confidently fix them. I did not feel comfortable with my air and how to best manage it. I felt like every time I picked up the oboe I was not in control of what would come out.

Over the ten weeks, I learned so much about reed making. I survived on my own reeds all Summer, which was something I had not been able to do before. My reed making average definitely went up! I learned so much about my air, fingers, and tongue and how to break down difficult pieces keeping each of them intact. I learned techniques on how to manage performance nerves. I learned to play high F# to A, which I’d never attempted before. All of these things have given me more confidence when practicing and performing. 

I would say I had a very positive experience. Jennet is very effective in describing and demonstrating concepts that are hard to put into words. She is very gifted and passionate in teaching and it made learning pleasant and easy. So many things clicked for me during our sessions. I loved all the topics we covered. I feel more knowledgeable and confident in practicing, performing, and reed making after completing this course. I also gained some supportive oboe friends during this process that I learned from as well, and I look forward to keeping in touch and hearing about their oboe adventures. I would highly recommend this valuable and enjoyable Invincible Oboist experience. 
 – Francesca Randell, Information System Specialist, wife and mother, oboe hobbyist 
I had recently come back to the oboe after a decade away from music. Coming back has been largely positive but the struggle of trying to overcome some of these challenges was frustrating. 

Over the course of The Invincible Oboist, I developed more confidence and willingness to be vulnerable. Those were big. As my confidence evaporates, so do all of the physical and technical parts of playing that are essential for success.  It becomes a vicious circle.  But with renewed confidence, the air and technique were more likely to be stable which improved what I was doing, which feeds into more confidence.  

There were other, more specific things – practice techniques and how to tackle some of these challenges. 

I’ve been very guilty of being shy about playing in front of the group as well, but by the end of the program I started feeling comfortable and embracing a willingness to be vulnerable. 

The Invincible Oboist is a wonderful and immersive experience for people at all levels of oboe playing. Regardless of the level you’re at, everyone has something to gain and something to contribute in the group.  It is wonderfully collaborative and collegial. Jennet is so willing to meet you wherever you are and work on the things that you’re having trouble with and help you become and better and more confident oboist. 
 – Ted Harrison


This January, we will be off and running with my 3-month online workshop, THE INVINCIBLE OBOIST. There are only a few available spots. This program could be a good fit for you if:

  • You feel lonely and isolated as an oboist
  • You KNOW you could be playing better and more musically if you could just get some of the STRUGGLE out of the way
  • You struggle to identify the CAUSES of your oboe problems. Is it an air problem? Fingers? Reeds? Nerves?
  • Just when you think you’ve found your reed stride, you are tripped up and in a slump
  • You want the energy of a like-minded and warm oboe community to keep you going and support you!

If this speaks to you, I invite you to book a call so we can talk about this program and see if it’s a fit for you.

Pricing: The next Invincible Oboist program runs from January-April 2022 with an investment of $3000.  Three or four month payment plans are available! 

Questions? Book a Call, or email me at for more information!