Kerstin Tenney: Light | Episode 46

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Today on the podcast, you’ll hear violinist Kerstin Tenney talk about her upcoming debut album, LIGHT. We spent a lot of time talking about the long arc of her project – and if you have a project, a concept, an album in your heart that is not yet in the world, you will love this conversation. 

Kerstin Tenney is a professional violinist based in Salt Lake City, Utah. As an active freelance musician, Kerstin works frequently on recording projects, does solo work, and performs regularly with the Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square. She has toured with the Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra on stages across the world, including Carnegie Hall, the Berlin Philharmonie and the Vienna Musikverein. Kerstin was the featured violin soloist on the soundtrack for the award-winning documentary, Bears of Durango, currently playing on PBS.

LIGHT is Kerstin’s debut album, for which she commissioned 4 new works and 8 new arrangements. The album was produced by award-winning classical producer and sound engineer, Simon Kiln, and British Award winning composer, Donald Fraser.

I really loved talking to Kerstin and hearing how much her heart and her vision led the way throughout the ten year process of bringing this album into the world. She was patient with the project, she let new ideas in to guide her as it developed, and she took the actions to make it happen. 

Follow Kerstin at her website and @kerstintenney on Instagram!

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