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Many young musicians dream of making a comfortable living as a solo artist playing recitals, appearing with orchestras, selling CDs. Frederick Moyer has been doing that for 40 years, making a living entirely on performances and record sales. The last teaching job he had was in 1983. What makes Fred particularly interesting to speak to on the subject of solo careers is that you probably have never heard of him! It is one thing to build a career out of a huge splashy success that puts you on the map. Fred has done it without ever having a major New York manager, or a recording on a major label. 

Since 1994, when he started keeping track, he has played over 7000 concerts. He has sold over 50,000 classical and jazz CDs, has played in 44 countries, and in such far-flung venues as Suntory Hall in Tokyo, Sydney Opera House, Windsor Castle, Carnegie Recital Hall, Tanglewood, and the Kennedy Center, and has appeared as piano soloist with most of the major orchestras of the United States as well as many orchestras of Europe, Asia, South America, Africa and Australia. 

An avid computer programmer, he often incorporates technology into his concerts and owns patents for music-related inventions including the MoyerCam which allows everyone in the audience to see the pianist’s hands during a concert. He performs note-for-note transcriptions of such jazz pianists as Oscar Peterson, Bill Evans and Erroll Garner, bringing this great American music onto classical music stages. In 2009, he and Dr. Paul Green unveiled two unknown piano works by Robert Schumann. Many composers have written for Moyer, including David Ott whose Second Piano Concerto Moyer recorded with the London Symphony. Other composers include Pulitzer Prize winners George Walker and Ned Rorem.

Find Frederick at his website, look at his cool CAMERA, check out his recordings.

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