Joseph Sowa: Wizarding School for Composers | Episode 52

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Composer and educator Dr. Joseph Sowa writes music that revels in vivid colors and rich textures. His music has been performed by a wide spectrum of groups, from prestigious ensembles like the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Ensemble Dal Niente, and the PRISM Quartet, to schools and churches across North America. His talent has earned him accolades from ASCAP, the American Prize, and the Barlow Endowment. 

 Joseph is also the founder of the Wizarding School for Composers, where he teaches both amateur and college-trained musicians how to compose memorable, goosebump-inducing music — and do it in a healthy, happy, and effective way.

 Joseph is brilliant. In this conversation he demystifies and de-stuffifies the art of composition, ALMOST making me believe that I too could do it. He’s an INSPIRATION, and I know you will love this conversation! 

You’ll hear him talking about an oboe project during the Fall 2023 cohort of the Wizarding School – that’s a collaboration with my Invincible Oboist FLOW program!  WE will have oboe pieces written for US! If you are an adult oboist, and looking for a community of support and world-class mentorship that will INCLUDE a personalized composition? You might be very interested in my nine-month program and I encourage you to reach out to me now

But of course, I want to promote Joseph’s Wizarding School here, and he’s hosting events throughout August 2023 and you should absoutely check it out. 

Thanks for joining me on Crushing Classical! 

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