Jeffrey Biegel: A 50-State Project! | Episode 56

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Today you’ll hear my interview with Jeffrey Biegel: Pianist, composer, arranger, professor and entrepreneur.

We talked about what it takes to create a major project and find buy-in from EVERYWHERE. About the importance of bringing new music into the world. About sharing the legacy of those who have come before and creating your own. This conversation was a delight! 

Jeffrey Biegel is a respected pianist of traditional repertoire, starting life nearly deaf. He studied with Adele Marcus and has built a career of old and new music. He created the first classical livestreams in 1997 and most recently, the first 50 state project free to orchestras celebrating America with Peter Boyer’s “Rhapsody in Red, White & Blue”. Mr. Biegel also recorded the critical edition of “Rhapsody in Blue”, and composed “Three Reflections” of JFK, RBG and MLK. He has created over two dozen commissioning projects while simultaneously playing in the grand tradition of the piano, most notably reflective of Josef Lhevinne. 

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