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  • The Happiest Musician Book


    My new BOOK is out. Published in February 2022, it is an invitation for YOU to lean into the things you love to do and to build a thriving creative life on your own terms.

  • Happiest Musician Workshop Series


    Are you frustrated with your performing career – its ups and downs, its ceaseless grind or its scarcity attitude? Are you ready to take some ownership and agency in your own career? 

    I have built a portfolio career for myself made up of the things I love the most to do. I have created a life that keeps me artistically fulfilled and financially comfortable.  And the thing I most often hear from other musicians is “I have no idea how you DID all of that!”

    I would love to talk with you about it. This program is a series of inspiring group workshops designed to get you looking at your OWN portfolio career and life, to get you CLEAR on what you want, to HELP you to see the possibilities ahead for you, to SUPPORT your ideas.