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  • Zero to Reedmaker


    Zero To Reedmaker is an online course which helps oboists to easily make playable American Scrape reeds.  I’ll DEMYSTIFY the process and help you through each step with a self-paced, rewatchable video course and a supportive Facebook group.  At the end of this course, you should be able to make a playing reed from shaped cane in under 30 minutes – probably well under – and adjust it to your comfort. 

    This course is available to you at any time. 


    Videos Only $300– Self-paced course.  I’ll share all videos and handouts at the start of the program and you can take it from there!  Cane and staples are an optional add-on. A private Facebook group will be open to you for support.

    Full course $450 – You’ll get immediate access to those videos and handouts, the Facebook group, AND six weeks of Reed Club sessions where I can answer YOUR questions in real time, look at your scraping technique, demonstrate skills, and share encouragement, ideas, and reedmaking philosophies. 

  • Uncomplicate Your Articulation

    Two Hours to Faster, Easier Oboe Articulation!

    I promise that oboe articulation is MORE than just being able to tongue fast, although tonguing fast is part of it.

    It’s about being able to EFFORTLESSLY and ARTISTICALLY start and stop notes the way that you intend to at the time that you intend. At all dynamics.

    And in this, a 2.5-hour mini-course, I’ll walk you through all of the techniques and mindset shifts you need.  I’ll help you improve your tonguing speed and efficiency and make better artistic choices.